Frequently asked questions

You don't need a user account to book your first shoot. Simply click the "Book now" button at the top right of the site and follow the instructions. At the end of your order, you'll be prompted to create an account with Shoootin. This will allow you to download your photos when they are ready.

We will ask you for your payment information and charge your card when you first place your order. We use the most secure banking methods to guarantee you a worry-free payment, and do not have access to your credit card details. 

Shoootin specializes in interior photography. Our clients include real estate agents or private individuals who sell/rent their properties, architects, and designers who want to showcase their work, companies specializing in the sale or rental of corporate real estate (offices, warehouses, workshops, etc.), restaurants and boutiques who require photos for their publicity (online, social media, advertisements, etc.), commercial centers, and hotels.

We have established specialized accounts for businesses. In your dashboard, you'll have the option to create individual logins for your colleagues. This is designed to simplify the process of booking shoots for your business. You can control access to the account through personalized permissions for each account you create.  You can decide to give a colleague complete access, the ability to use pre-bought credits, or the ability to book shoots that you then approve. There are numerous options available to you. 

In your Shoootin account, you have the option of automatically adding your logo on the photos. To do so, your logo must be in .png format and you must decide on the logo's placement. Afterwards, your logo will be included on each photo.

We offer several resolution options: a HD resolution, which is minimum 2.5MB and maximum 5MB, and an LD resolution which is about 1MB (ideal for thumbnails). You can choose the resolution for each download.

You can book a shoot up to 6 hours in advance. You will receive your photos within 24 hours after the shoot, though the turnaround time may vary. It will never exceed 48 hours.

If you cancel your shoot more than 12 hours in advance, you will receive credit valid for a period of 1 year. If you cancel your shoot less than 12 hours beforehand, no refund or reimbursement is possible and your credit card will be charged for the price of the package chosen when ordering.

In the case of a significant problem, please contact our customer service team at sales@shooot.in to find the best solution!

We can send monthly invoices to our clients who are businesses or who have large accounts with Shoootin. We can also set up a direct debit payment, so that there is one single payment at the end of each month with the corresponding invoice. 

Our clients are our priority, and we pride ourselves on being highly responsive to all questions or concerns. Send us an email or give us a call, and you'll see for yourself! 

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