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A professional video is a marketing tool to highlight a place or your business in a modern and dynamic way.


Our videos are made in 4K quality by trained professionals with the best equipment available

Video Editing

Our editing team offers you several options to ensure your content is perfectly adapted to your needs


Need some music? Motion design or custom content? Simply choose the offer that fits your needs

Watch a premium video featuring an interview and some custom content (motion design, maps, texts, and music), made for one of our clients.

Premium results

We have created premium video packages offering high-end results comparable to products created by the best marketing agencies. Our video makers are experts who produce quality shots and our in-house editing, color grading, and motion design team works meticulously to deliver your content.


When you combine images with an interview, you have a final result that lets you communicate better and send a strong message to your customers. This modern and popular format fits perfectly with all types of activity. Share your concepts, values, ​​and projects to attract new customers and build your brand.

Perks of working with us

We have created packages that fit a broad range of needs, and for which we meet specific instructions from our clients. This lets us create videos that are used to present real estate assets, promote a restaurant, a hotel, or an event, and content that meets many other types of requests.

Depending on your needs, our service offering starts as low as £190 pour a basic video, £280 for a premium video, and to which you can add an interview for an extra £119.

Video is an expert craft. This is why we look for highly skilled professionals, with the most qualitative equipment, to meet our quality requirements. We also offer cutting edge and unique editing, to help you stand out.

We have chosen to create a in-house team for video editing, motion design and color grading to ensure a high quality service and a better responsiveness.

Music is a key element in a video. Its impact is often underestimated, yet we strongly recommend that all our customers carefully think about this topic. We offer a broad range of musical options to adapt to your tastes and budget.

We have different options available:

- Free integration of your music
- A music from our library starting at £79
- An original composition created by our composer

For each video service package, we offer a basic animation of your logo, illustrative texts, and a Map. We integrate a universal charter, which we created, to make the video more modern looking, and to enrich its content.

We also offer tailor-made post-production elements that integrate your visual identity. This includes your color scheme, your font, a unique Map, an elaborate animation of your logo as well as key elements.

Here are the exclusive content you can add to your videos:

- Side Panel: Summarizes the key points mentioned in the video
- Final Business Card: Displays the important elements of your company at the end of video
- Subtitles: multilingual subtitles for your media
- additional texts: add text to your video (great for long videos)

Videomaking requires specific information to best qualify the directing and editing. Thus, like the different services we offer, you have the possibility to order a video with all the desired options directly online and to specify your guideline during the booking process.

And, you can get discounted rates when you combine different service offerings. You can request several services at the same time, all in the same order. Our technology will organize an assignment including all your specifications, and you will receive all of your content in the same report.

Case study

Toll Brothers

A cutting-edge immersive experience

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First impressions matter. We needed captivating assets to generate leads to sell quickly while further strengthening brand loyalty.
Michael Duff, Marketing Director

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