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Bring your property to life with pro drone videos/photos and get all the marketing benefits you are looking for, all in just one session.


We've recruited trained and experienced professionals throughout France


Every single shot and video is edited by our post-production team, to guarantee a high quality deliverable


Aerial shots differentiate your communication strategy, and a give you a competitive advantage

View examples of drone imaging we've done for our clients. Tell us about your project and we'll use our expertise to meet your needs.

Photos & Videos

Choose between a photo or video coverage, depending on your needs. We use drone imaging for a wide range of properties: houses, castles, manufacturing sites, construction sites, cities, etc. We can deliver the aerial imaging result you need.

Service areas

We work with a dense network of qualified professionals covering a large territory. This means we're able to connect you with drone services wherever you are. Each pilot follows a precise set of instructions to ensure a harmonious and pleasing result.

Perks of working with us

All of our packages have been created to offer you the best quality at the most affordable price. We have a wide range of services available that you can choose from depending on the industry you work in and the result you are looking for. We have handpicked every single pilot working with us.

Our rates include the pilot's travel expenses, all the shots according to the offer you selected, editing by our in-house specialists, and quality control by our dedicated team.

We'll take care of all the administrative procedures ahead of the drone shoot.

We have privileged relationships with the local authorities, which means we have quicker access to accreditation, and can schedule drone sessions quickly. Just tell us where you'd like the images to be shot, and we'll take care of the rest!

Shoootin also provides photogrammetry and aerial drone thermography services!

Depending on your industry, we're able to provide highly specialized drone services. You can now get a complete overview of a building and its thermal insulation.

This provides a holistic view of a building, and a detailed, per building, diagnosis. You can use this information to deepen your knowledge of your asset, or to help you plan a construction project: facade, roofing, solar or photovoltaic panels, taking measures, or drawing up conclusions about thermal insulation, etc. Be more reactive, and safer, with drone imaging.

Our experts know how to mine all useful data with different software and tools.

We'll work with you to set up a calendar and meet your needs while taking into account weather conditions.

As soon as we get approval from the local authorities, our teams will come to your location and shoot the photos and/or videos in just one day. The content will then be edited and stabilized by our post-production team to create a beautiful and harmonious result.

Case study


Promote a major project

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What I want to share through these shots is the way the project fits between the conservative residential area and an industrial city.
Kyong-Soo, Civil engineer at CONVINI

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